Does Diamond Pigs have access to my assets?

Does Diamond Pigs have access to my assets?

We are unable to access, or withdraw your crypto assets in your exchange wallet. Our access is limited to execute buy and sell orders in your Spot wallet. You remain in custody and control of your own wallet at all times. 
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    • Is Diamond Pigs safe?

      Safety is our number one priority. Diamond Pig offers a non-custodial services. It means that all crypto assets remain at all times under the custody and control of each members’ wallet spot account. We have enabled an extra layer of security (2FA) ...
    • Diamond Pigs Fees

      Overview of Diamond Pigs Fees At Diamond Pigs, we prioritize clarity and transparency in our fee approach. To help you understand how our fees work, we've broken down the key components for you. Diamond Pigs has two types of fees that are calculated ...
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      Diamond Pigs offers a platform that connects to exchanges and helps you to execute investment strategies within your wallet. We developed bots that monitor hundreds of coins. They automatically find the best times to get in and out of the trades and ...
    • How do I join Diamond Pigs?

      Join Diamond Pigs with the following steps: Create a new account in the Play Mode. Here you can test and experiment to see our strategies' results. Connect your digital wallet. Connect your Exchange account with Diamond Pigs account using API. Select ...
    • Is Diamond Pigs regulated by any financial authority?

      We are not supervised by any financial services authority, as we are unable to access your crypto assets in your exchange wallet, other than entering buy and sell orders which take place in your spot wallet.