How can I terminate my Diamond Pigs memberships?

How can I terminate my Diamond Pigs memberships?

To cancel your Diamond Pigs account, use the following steps:
  1. Turn the "Portfolio Management" button Off on the "Change your Strategy" screen.
  2. Disconnect your API Key on your exchange.
  3. Infrom us by sending a mail to to officially terminate your membership.

Additionally, if you would like to trade your coins back to BTC or EURO, you can change your Diamond Pigs strategy to the Satoshi (BTC) or Lagarde (EUR) strategy before turning the Management Off. Our bots will then sell all of the coins from previous strategy for BTC or Euro, and you will be left with a stablecoin in your wallet.

Please note that upon cancellation, you will still need to pay any open fees. To avoid paying the management fee for the upcoming month, please ensure that you cancel your account before the first day of the month. 
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