Why aren't the bots initiating new trades?

Why aren't the bots initiating new trades?

Typically, bots are not initiating new trades due to insufficient funds in your digital wallet to carry out trades.

Let's start with an example:
The minimum trade amount is €5-20 (Depending on the exchange).

Let's consider coin A, which represents 6% of one of our strategies. If your wallet contains €400, the trade for coin A would be €24, which exceeds the minimum requirement of €5-20 and can be executed successfully.

However, if the amount in your wallet is low, the 6% allocated for trading coin A may fall below the minimum threshold of €5-20, causing the bots to refrain from initiating new trades.

To resolve this issue, we recommend increasing the balance in your wallet to enable the bots to trade effectively. Ideally, a minimum of €400 in your wallet would yield optimal results.

If your wallet balance exceeds €400, and the bots still do not appear to be functioning, please contact our support team for assistance. You can email us here: support@diamondpigs.com .

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