Diamond Pigs Fees

Diamond Pigs Fees

Overview of Diamond Pigs Fees

At Diamond Pigs, we prioritize clarity and transparency in our fee approach. To help you understand how our fees work, we've broken down the key components for you.
Diamond Pigs has two types of fees that are calculated at the end of each month:

  1. Management Fee
  2. Performance Fee
The fees are calculated differently, based on your chosen investment strategy:
  1. Active Strategies (Gascon, Duroc, Hereford, and Pennywell):
    1. Management Fee is 0.167% on the total value invested. Calculated monthly.
    2. Performance Fee is 15% of the profit made. Calculated monthly.

      2. Index strategy (Berkshire):

    1. Management Fee of 0.25% on the total value invested. Calculated monthly.
      3. Holding (BTC, EUR, ETH, SOL or stablecoin):
    1. Management Fee of 0.1% on the total value invested. Calculated monthly.

Performance Fee and How It Works

Performance Fees are exclusive for our Active strategies (Gascon, Duroc, Hereford, and Pennywell). We calculate it monthly using the High Watermark structure.

How is the profit calculated?
At the end of each month we evaluate how your selected strategy has performed. If there's a notable increase, due to successful trades made by our bots, a fee is levied on those profits. If there's no profit beyond your highest watermark, no fee applies.

High Watermark structure
The High Watermark structure is designed to ensure fairness and transparency in the charging of performance fees. By implementing it, we ensure that you pay only for real, new profit.
High Watermark is the highest peak that your chosen strategy has reached. The performance fee is charged when the current value of the strategy you chose surpasses its previous highest value.

It operates as follows:
When you initially invest, the value of your strategy at that time is recorded as your High Watermark. As time progresses and the value of the strategies changes, you will only be charged a Performance Fee if the value of your strategy exceeds this initial recorded value.
If, in any month, the value dips below the High Watermark and then recovers, you won't be double-charged for the same growth twice.

For more information on how we calculate the Performance Fee, read this article.

Changing the Strategy and the Performance Fees
When you switch strategies, your High Watermark is preserved, ensuring you won't be charged any additional fees.

Withdrawals, Deposits and the Performance Fees
Making a withdrawal impacts the Performance Fee calculations that occur at the end of the month. The Performance Fee calculation is then based on the realized profit.
Depositing, adjusts your High Watermark.

Management Fee and How It Works

Management Fee is a monthly fee, determined by the total value of your investments with Diamond Pigs. The exact percentage varies based on your chosen investment strategy:
  1. Active Strategies (Gascon, Duroc, Hereford, and Pennywell):
    Management Fee is 0.167% of the total value invested. 

  2. Index strategy (Berkshire):
    Management Fee is 0.25% of the total value invested.

  3. Holding (BTC, EUR, ETH, SOL or stablecoin):
    Management Fee is 0.1% of the total value invested.

What happens to the Fees when I deactivate the portfolio management?

Deactivating portfolio management means we won't execute any more trades in your wallet. However, remember that the monthly Service Fee still applies for the remainder of the current month. Also, any Performance Fee will be determined at month's end, reflecting profits up to the moment you turned off portfolio management.

What happens to the Fees when I disconnect the API connection?

When disconnecting the API connection, Diamond Pigs will no longer have access to real-time data from your wallet. Consequently, we won't execute any more trades in your wallet.
After API disconnection, the Management Fee is determined using the last known value of your portfolio before the disconnection. This fee is charged monthly and will be based on that specific value until the API is reconnected or when you close your account.
Any Performance Fee will be determined at month's end, reflecting profits up to the moment the API got disconnected.

To ensure you will not be charged any additional Fees, you can deactivate your portfolio management using your Dashboard; or cancel your account.

Invoicing and Billing options

We send the invoices by email to our users at the end of each month. In the invoice, you will see the total amount of the fees. Access the Billing  Dashboard to see the detailed breakdown about your invoice and fees.

Billing options:
  1. Direct payment via iDeal or Bank Card,
  2. Automatic payments.
Activate Automatic Payments by clicking the button "Setup Automatic Payments" on your Billing Dashboard.

Important notes about Billing
We don't charge for amounts below $5. Instead, we accumulate the fees each month until the minimum invoice amount is exceeded. For example:
If you have a $2 fee each month, you'll receive a bill after 3 months totaling $6.


Do you have any questions or need further clarification?
Contact our Support Team using this link.
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